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Rx for Demystifying Index Tuning Decisions

Summary:Indices are one of the most troubling and mysterious areas for DBAs and developers.Adding or deleting them can yield dramatic changes in query performance both positively and negatively.The mystery is knowing which indices need to be modified, added, or deleted and what outcome will result.This uncertainty often leads to great reluctance to eliminate indices that are used sparingly or only because the optimal one is not present.This often leads to index proliferation, which ultimately leads to inconsistent and poor query performance.Some DBAs believe that the SQL Server Database Tuning Advisor will solve all these problems, but in fact, it frequently does not and even compounds the index proliferation problem.This presentation will enable a DBA to make informed decisions regarding what metrics to monitor, determine how much indices are used, and devise appropriate index strategies to improve query performance.

Presenter:Jeff Schwartz

Bio:For 38 years Jeff has been conducting performance and capacity planning studies.He began his career in the mainframe world conducting performance and modeling studies.Since 2000, he has focused entirely on high-end Windows and SQL Server performance for large companies internationally and domestically.He has taught numerous courses, and given multiple presentations on performance and capacity planning.His knowledge and experience has caused his blogs to be routinely reposted and republished.
His reputation as an industry leader has resulted in numerous invitations to speak at conferences, SQL Saturdays, customer courses, webinars, and blogs on Windows and SQL Server performance.In particular, he presents the Windows Performance Course regularly at the Computer Measurement Group’s annual international conference.
During his career, he has received several consulting awards, the most prestigious of which was the 2008 Microsoft Data Management Solutions Partner of the Year for his 358,000+ line Windows and SQL Server performance analysis software framework for consultants.
Jeff is a graduate in Math and Computer Science from Cornell University and holds an MBA from the University of Rochester.He lives in Rochester, NY with his partner Marcia, his dog, Chloe, and his cat, Dutch.Jeff has been the lacrosse goalie coach at St. John Fisher College since 2002.

Meeting starts:6:00 pmwith food and Mingling
Announcements & Ask the Experts:6:30 pm to 7:00 pm
Presentation:7:00 pmto 8:00 pm

When:Thursday, January 18, 2018

Microsoft Las Colinas Offices
7000 North Highway 161 , Building LC-1
Irving Texas 75039

Afterward socializing:If there is interest, we will gather at NYLO (1001 W Royal Ln, Irving, TX 75039) to casually socialize

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Dallas Area Girls and Data Workshop #2 - Jan 27

Last September, NTSSUG provided 10 scholarships for girls ages 5th - 8th grade to attend a Girls and Data workshop in Richardson. The workshop took place at Westwood Junior High School in Dallas, A 2nd Dallas area workshop is now scheduled for January 27. The Covenant School in North Dallas has priority registration because they are hosting, but after Jan 9th, registration will open to the public. There are only 20 spots per class (2 workshops) for this event, so if you are interested or know someone who is, after the 9th of January have them jump right on it. Cost is only $15 thanks to generous donations. Below is a pic, and here is a link to a full album of photos from the last Dallas event.


Join the Committee!!

The Dallas SQL Saturday 2018 is coming up May 19th. We need lots of help to make this happen. Are you interested in being on the committee? We need help in the following areas:

Vendors & Sponsorship
Abstract Review
Speaker Room
Food & Refreshements
Speaker Dinner
After Event
Swag Bags
Signage & Direction

No job is too small. If you're willing to help in any way please contact Mindy either at the meeting or by responding / posting / PMing wherever you see this message. You can also email


A poll was presented to the members in December asking "What topics are you most interested in seeing presented at the monthly NTSSUG Meeting over the next 12-18 months? (Pick up to 10).
94 members responded to the survey. Here are the results:

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