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According to our bylaws, a board member has a term of 2 years and two of the positions (one held by Dave Stein and one held by Amy Herold ) are up for re-election.

This election will be for a board position at-large.What this means is, the NTSSUG President will be responsible for assigning specific portfolios to the individual board members, which will be done after the election is complete.

The Term of the elected member will be fromJan 1, 2018 to Dec 31, 2019.

All of those interested are encouraged to run for the 2 open board positions.If you are interested and would like to be on the ballot, please see below for details.

Each person who submits a letter of candidacy will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 24 hours. Send the email Your candidacy is confirmed when you get a response back. If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours, email us back again or call Sri at 972-454-9512. This will ensure that your email of intent is not getting blocked by spam filters etc.

For all candidates, it is recommended that you include the following information:
  • Your name
  • Your phone number (will not be shared with the group - this is only used if we need to contact you regarding the election process)
  • A brief bio of yourself
  • How long you've been an active participant with NTSSUG
  • Any notable group contributions (SQL Saturday volunteer, presentation at a group meeting, etc.)
  • List of community contributions, career accomplishments, other leadership roles held, or other professional details that might be pertinent
  • Your blog address, Twitter handle, Facebook URL, or other networking tools that you use professionally
  • A brief summary of why you want to be a part of the board and why you'll make a good board member
Here are some dates and deadlines to remember:
  • Mon, Nov 13, Noon CST: The deadline for submitting your letter of candidacy. Send your application to
  • Thu, Nov 16, 6pm CST: During the regular NTSSUG meeting, each candidate will be allowed to briefly address the group.This is optional, but certainly recommended.
  • Thu, Nov 16 : Voting starts : Ballot will be sent to all NTSSUG members.
  • Tue, Nov 21 (End of day CST): Voting ends.
  • Wed, Nov 22: Candidates notified of results.Following which the results are announced to the community.
We look forward to hearing from the candidates. As always, feel free to contact one of the board members (or all of us at with questions, comments, or concerns.

T-SQL Tools: Simplicity for Synchronizing Changes


One of most common problems a DBA or database developer may face is finding and syncing data changes efficiently between multiple systems.

In this session we will look into different methods focusing on effective use of T-SQL and explore how these methods can mixed and matched in your ETL. workflows:

* Brute Force
*Log shipping/Read Only standby
*Rowversion datatype
*Change Tracking
*Change Data Capture

Presenter:Martin Perez, Founder,Lionic


Based in Austin, TX with a profession in Tech and a passion for the Arts, Lionic teams international artists with local consultants to build Homegrown Art. Collaborating closely with AM Arts since 2013, Lionic provides a platform for your vision, and a lens to tell your story. In addition to film and photography services, founder Martin Perez providesdata quality management, SQL tuning and development for SQL Server.

‚ÄčAdministration Systems adapt and evolve with the company's needs for day to day operations by efficiently tackling workflow challenges through personal training, trouble shooting, and consultation. Training not only transforms the user’s capacity development but enable them to write their own queries and effectively filter data based on add-hoc requirements. At Lionic, we prioritize consultations and collaborations that serve local and international artists creating Homegrown Art.

Meeting starts:6:00 pmwith food and a QA session

Presentation:6:30 pmto 7:30 pm

When:Thursday, November 16th, 2017

Microsoft Las Colinas Offices
7000 North Highway 161 , Building LC-1
Irving Texas 75039

Afterward socializing:If there is interest, we will gather at NYLO (1001 W Royal Ln, Irving, TX 75039) to casually socialize


If you're local to Dallas/Fort Worth & an NTSSUG member, please take a second to fill out this tiny survey about where in the area you're located. If you've already taken the poll once, please do not take it a second time. Poll will be open until the Friday evening after this month's meeting. To date, 90 members have taken the poll, and it appears that while the majority are in Far North Dallas, Plano, Allen, McKinney & North, we are also spread all over the metroplex.­

Results so far:

Mark your calendar
Tentative date is 5/19/2018
More info coming soon!

Upcoming US SQL Saturdays

Dec 09, 2017SQLSaturday #694 - Providence
Dec 09, 2017SQLSaturday #693 - Washington DC
Jan 13, 2018SQLSaturday #698 - Nashville
Feb 03, 2018SQLSaturday #708 - Cleveland
Feb 10, 2018SQLSaturday #696 - Redmond
Feb 24, 2018SQLSaturday #699 - Tampa
Mar 10, 2018SQLSaturday #697 - Spokane
Mar 17, 2018SQLSaturday #701 - Cincinnati

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