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Event Notifications
a dull name for knowing when code changes!

Summary: Do you love unknown changes? Weird performance issues? Missing indexes? Empty reports? Even if you have a rigid change control process, finding the culprit isn't always easy! You need a list of changes, and you'd normally play detective, looking through change tickets, wikis, log files, or even asking coworkers. SQL Server offers this ability in many forms, but the best for real-time tracking is a feature called Event Notifications. While it can simply save code and configuration changes locally, for maximum effect you can send changes to a centralized location. Additionally, with it you gain other abilities, like instant monitoring of deadlocks, warnings from SQL Server's errorlog, failed login attempts, datafile growth and more. You can automatically provide change reports to your auditors, even add the changes to source control. We'll go from basics all the way to fully production-ready code. Get ahead of the technical curve and go from reactive to proactive! 

Presenter: Michael Bourgon

Bio: Michael Bourgon started his IT career by performing tech support and managing Sybase databases on Unix starting in 1995, before moving to SQL Server 7... continuing all the way to SQL Server 2017. His focus on automation has led him to such diverse topics as Service Broker, WMI, Table Partitioning, Shell scripting, In-Memory Tables, and Powershell. He's currently a senior DBA with a large healthcare company, dealing with millions of transactions of day and managing hundreds of servers. In his spare time he rides a bicycle, reads science fiction, blogs about SQL Server and Baking, and tries to raise his daughter to be a geek, too.

Meeting starts: 6:00 pm with food and a QA session

Presentation: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Microsoft Las Colinas Offices  
7000 North Highway 161 , Building LC-1  
Irving Texas 75039  


Afterward socializing: If there is interest, we will gather at NYLO (1001 W Royal Ln, Irving, TX 75039) to casually socialize.

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