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29 Oct 2013 NTSSUG Meeting

  • In-Person @ 7000 North Highway 161 Irving, Texas, United States (map)
  • 18:00 - 21:00 Central Daylight Time
  • Language: English

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6:00 - 6:20 - Welcome, Announcements & Food 6:20 - 7:20 - SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups - Kalyan Yella (Kal) 7:30 - 8:30 - Data Warehouse Series - Basics and Beyond - David Stein 8:30 - 8:45 - Raffle and closing

Featured Presentation:

SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Kalyan Yella, Sr. Dedicated Support Engineer Microsoft

This is a two part series on SQL Server AlwaysOn features. In the first session, we are going to talk about the new AlwaysOn Availability Groups feature introduced in SQL Server 2012 and how you can build a highly available solution using this exciting feature. We are going to learn how to deploy an AlwaysOn Solution, how to utilize the secondary hardware for better ROI including how this solution simplifies deployment and management of high availability in your SQL Server environment. In the second session, we are going to compare and contrast SQL Server FCI (Failover Clustered Instance) and AG (Availability Group) features and how they play together including some of the best practices when you combine these two solutions together. In addition, we are going to make a deep dive into the AlwaysOn failover mechanism and some of the troubleshooting scenarios. I will also include a bonus topic towards the end of this session (surprise!!)

About Kalyan:
Kalyan Yella (Kal) - has 13+ years of experience in the SQL Server field as a DBA and Consultant for various financial and consulting organizations. In his current position as a Sr. Dedicated Support Engineer for the Premier Field Engineering team at Microsoft, Kal supports multiple customers in Health Care industry in maintaining and improving their large SQL Server environments. Kal holds several SQL Server certifications including MCITP, MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) and the esteemed MCSM (Microsoft Certified Solutions Master).

Data Warehouse Series – Basics and Beyond

David Stein, Data Warehouse Architect

David will cover both the basics and gotchas of Data Warehouse Development using the SQL Server 2012 toolset. Some of the things he'll cover are: • Basic methodology for evaluating business requirements/needs, obtaining user cooperation, and identifying source data quality issues. • Data Warehouse basic concepts including Facts, Dimensions, Star and Snowflake Schemas. • Deep dive into slowly changing Dimension types and how to handle them using T-SQL and SSIS. • T-SQL Merge Fundamentals and how it can be used to load Dimension and Fact Tables. Yes, I swear the Merge Generation Code will be ready for the presentation. :) • Understanding the three basic Fact Table types, how they are used, and loaded with SSIS. • Date Dimension creation and configuration. • Taking advantage of SSIS 2012 functionality improvements including Environments, Project Parameters etc. • Strategies for SSIS and database optimization, insuring data integrity, etc. • And much, much more. Each session will progressively build upon the previous sessions and session material will be posted on his blog. Come watch this exciting and progressive series as David takes you from padawan to Jedi Master.

About David:
David Stein is a Data Warehouse Architect. He’s worked in SQL Server Business Intelligence for almost a decade in many roles as both a consultant as well as a corporate employee. He’s designed Data Warehouses from scratch as well as saved projects in serious jeopardy. He is also very active in the community, having spoken at PASS events at all levels, including the PASS Summit, SQL Rally, and at numerous SQL Saturday events and user groups. You can learn more about Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and other technical topics on his blog at or follow him on Twitter @Made2Mentor.

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